We provide the following services:
)Commercial Diving:
Marine construction , Underwater cutting(steel , concrete,wood) , Underwater inspections(w/digital documentation) , Underwater rock and obstruction removal , Propeller removal & replacement .
Dredging Services:

The Marinewerx Hand-Dredging system is a diver operated system that requires no barge or unsightly support equipment at the jobsite.This environmentally friendly system is ideal for sand and silt removal projects.It is unmatched for precision dredging of boat slips , next to seawalls , culverts and pipes.The Hand -dredging system is capable of pumping material a distance of 2500ft.
The material can then be discharged to renourish adjacent Beach areas or pumped into a settlement area to be stockpiled for construction purposes.
De-Watering Solutions:
De-watering of Lakes , ponds and flood areas using 3" or 6" multi-purpose pumps.
Shoreline Erosion Protectors:
Sand filled Geo-textile Tubes to prevent beach dune erosion.
Marine Salvage, Towing & Transport:
We provide salvage services for sunken vessels.Our 34' Aluminium High Speed Landing Craft can provide fast response to distress situations and is set up for towing and transport of small cargo to remote locations.
Marine Film support:
We can provide divers and support vessels for the film industry .We have worked on numerous films and commercials produced here in the Bahamas and have some production saavy.
Films worked on:Flipper , My Father the Hero , Into the Blue , Pirates of the Caribbean and numerous commercial shoots.

Our Services